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January 05, 2020


Forge ahead, accumulate and develop

Innovation gene is becoming more and more powerful

Take stock of the four major events of the year

Looking forward to the new 2020!


New product launch, CISMA show

In September, HIKARI released new products and appeared in CISMA

a series of new technologies and automation products all appeared, amazing the world!



Full of reputation and Industry Awards

In November,HIKARI won the honorary certificate of the excellent new technology achievements

and solutions recommendation project of the clothing industry in 2019

it was successfully shortlisted in the "Vasca" media influence list of China's pregnancy and infant industry in 2019

and won the "pregnancy and infant Intelligent Technology Promotion Award"!

Innovation platform, set up academician workstation

In December, Zhou Zude, the first president of Wuhan University of science and technology

signed a contract with our company to set up academician workstation in HIKARI

 to promote the industrialization of industrial scientific and technological achievements

and provide strong support for HIKARI independent innovation ability!

School enterprise linkage to build HIKARI Intelligent Research Institute

Wuhan University of science and technology and HIKARI builds an intelligent Research Institute

master all-round frontier technology, gather high-quality talents, make every effort to create the best environment in the industry

and push HIKARI to climb the world's most frontier technology new peak again!



In 2019, HIKARI forge ahead

InIn 2020, HIKARI unremitting exploration