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September 28, 2019

CISMA is the world's largest professional sewing equipment exhibition. This year, there are more than 1,400 sewing machinery companies from all over the world, in terms of quantity, they have completely surpassed the previous ones, and they have brought their best innovative products.


Dare to launch new technologies and new products in front of the global industry, HIKARI shows strong self-confidence:  Confidence in its own innovative ability! Confidence in the direction of the industry development! Confidence in our ability of subversive traditionandleading the industry! At the CISMA exhibition from September 25th to 28th, HIKARI's new technology and new products "lead the way", and its transformation and impact on the industry will be profound.


Subversion of tradition leads to high affirmation



\ Micro-tension overlocksewing machine\

\ "Unmanned Workstation"\

\ Data factory Scenario Based on IOT Technology \

\ A range of other products with varying degrees of innovative technology\


The world's pioneer product launched by HIKARI changes the industry, and the industry is amazed that theoverlock machine can be innovated in such way to make the traditional necessary structure into a history! "Unmanned workstations" meet the enterprise to reduce labor costs, fully realize the leap from the Monitor operator tomachine! The construction of the data factory scene enables the construction of a data-based, intelligent garment factory.


HIKARI provides a comprehensive solution for smart factories, turning “digital, automated, intelligent, less humanized and even unmanned” into a reality, which will be a very important construction direction for the future of sewing factories.


HIKARI's dedication, efforts and innovation have been highly recognized by big players home and abroad, outstanding textile and apparel enterprises, well-known distributors and agents. They have given HIKARI the deepest trust by signing strategic cooperation, designating agent factory directional procurement, customizing enterprise personalized sewing equipment and other diversified cooperation modes.


Win-Win Co-operation


At the exhibition, the large orders received by HIKARI were all high-quality industries or regional big players. As big players in the industry, they chose HIKARI because of their present and future demand for Sewing equipment, which is perfectly provided by HIKARI.

As we all know, as industry or regional big players, they have strict high standards for the quality and high efficiency of sewing products, and have a strong sensitivity to product innovation, and they have the courage toseize the lead and take the lead. Their recognition of HIKARI isWin-Win Co-operation.


They recognize HIKARI's rigorous process quality, leading the industry's cutting-edge technology from new technologies and automation, focus on the subversionof tradition, and its ability to continuously provide "future sewing factory" solutions.


In CISMA2019,HIKARI not only gains high recognition of the industry, continuous expansion of customers and increasing orders, but also demonstrates that China's new technology and products of sewing equipment are fully capable of leading the global industry with self-confidence. It also demonstrates the responsibility of Chinese sewing equipment enterprises as Chinese national brands. (The following pictures showsthe production scene of foreign factories using HIKARI sewing equipment.)